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"It will be the shoulder capping that will determine if you model or muscle model"

Muscle Model

"It will be the shoulder capping that will determine if you model or muscle model"

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The Trophies

This is what you will be competing for. 

To step away with the Fitness SA / Diamond Award for Excellence.

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HMT Weight Loss Challenge

What is the “9 Month” HMT Weight Loss Challenge all about?

To lose weight is all good and well. The challenge is …TO KEEP IT OFF...Starting middle January 2019 and end / final price giving will be 21 September 2019 at the Fitness SA Championships held at the Barn Yard, Willowbridge.

There will be 3 sections / goals in the 9 months. We will be working towards keeping all of us motivated and to meet “like minded” people that all have their struggles, but are here to motivate, inspire and help one another when we fall off the bandwagon. As we all do, It’s not how hard you fall … “It’s how YOU get back up AGAIN! And that is what this is all about. Entry fee is R350. (We will send you a basic meal plan according to your current weight)

For your personalised meal plan and training download the app and get into contact with a trainer in your area.

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Challenge Rules

  1. Entry fee R350 p.p. which will go towards the final R10 000 cash prize
  2. Challengers MUST be with an HMT consultant or correspondent meal plan worked out by us
  3. Depending on amount of entries, we will have cash prize then for 4 divisions
  4. Best transformer, both male and female (photo judging only, no body fat readings needed)
  5. Biggest loser, both male and female (judged by amount of fat plus centimeters, dropped, both hips and waist)
  6. Goal needs to be achieved by March 2019 (final date for Gala event to follow) where we will have a sit-down dinner / gala event at Grand West, cost is R600 p.p so please make sure you save up, as ALL need to attend.
  7. If you cannot attend the event, you will for-fit the chance of winning (no excuses)
  8. Goal needs to be kept from March  till 7 Sept , Fitness SA, happening at Barn Yard, and the person that maintained or even bettered their goal, will walk away with the R10 000 cash (show info on
  9. Tickets for the final show will be R170 p.p and book through
  10. Other fun events will be happening throughout the full 9 months (info to follow on facebook page) and we will be working on prizes on a regular basis for those that reach their #fourweekfocus challenges we will be doing each month
  11. Challengers are more than welcome to entre Fitness SA also, whereby you stand the change then of competing against other talented individuals in various categories (categories to follow on
  12. Winners in the Fitness divisions will then also be walking away with the most amazing “Diamond-Production Cut glass” trophies to value of R2000 and our Fitness Ladies division still has the change of walking away with the AC Jewelers gold pendant to value of R15 000
  13. No refunds, and judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be engaged in or by HMT challenge organizer or any of the consultants

Remember is the journey that counts !!!! Winning is great, but beating yourself, is better!!!   


Chantelle Smuts (left) Nov 2018 started at 34.7% body fat and now 6 months later down to 20%

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